Cloudcrystal Skyfields

Skyfieldsmap.jpgTo the north of the Steadfast, beyond the Tithe River, float the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. These ever-growing crystalline shards slowly drift high above a plain of the shattered remnants of shards that fell. Some of the shards are as large as cities, and others are as small as a fist or a sliver.

Many Consider this area a holy land of sorts. Some so-called sorcerers and priests contend that the crystals are the perfect foci for magical power, and they desire to conduct all of their rituals and ceremonies on, near, or beneath the shards. Oracles supposedly watch the future here. Gods speak to mortals more clearly and often, thanks to the shards.

However, most people recognize this arid landscape to be — holy or not — an inhospitable wasteland, particularly in the eastern portion of the region. This area is little more then a desert, and in places a dune sea — pierced with crystal shards — dominates as far as the mountains. In the west, there is a bit more life, but the land remains unfit for farming or grazing.

Dangerous creatures roam the expanse beneath the skyfields, including a variety of bandits, abhumans, jiraskars, and travonis ul.

Cloudcrystal Skyfields

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